Totally doing this.

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Political stances are popping up like crazy beans in my newsfeed these days as our October 19th election draws ever closer. I’ve become acutely aware of how offended I feel when those stances blindly ridicule the party I’m most aligned with. I’m also acutely aware of how delighted I am when someone does the same to the party I’m least aligned with. Double-standard much, KMC?

So, when I put my own politics aside in favour of being a reasonable, open-minded human who wants the best for everyone and who knows she is incredibly lucky to live in this amazing, democratic nation, here’s what I’m left with.

I am NOT for:

  1. Fear-based politics that slander or deride a party. Period.
  2. Rumour, innuendo and rhetoric that throw gas on the fire of ignorance. It’s a disservice to every political party and candidate and it is a disservice to our country.
  3. Pressuring others to bend to a certain kind of political will. Stop it already.
  4. Not voting. Because not voting is silly. Period.

I AM for:

  1. The facts. Because that’s how important decisions should be made.
  2. Genuine inquiry. Because asking questions with an open mind actually opens the mind a little more. And so on. Etc.
  3. Talking to people with opposing views about politics who don’t try to change my mind and who are willing to do the same for me. Because it’s interesting. And somewhere in that middle ground, there’s an enormous opportunity for cooperation and change.
  4. Gaining new perspectives. It’s the heart and soul of empathy and the antidote to nasty judgement that polarizes us on important issues.
  5. Voting. I’m not going to lie. I have been emotionally moved every single time I’ve voted. Which has been in every single municipal, provincial and federal election since I was 18.

There is no political stance in this little rant-a-roo. Not a shred. Just a human stance and a deep belief that democracy is a gift. I love gifts. Don’t you?